Demi Spoon Gold Plated Barista Product – COFFEE UTENSILS

Demi Spoon Gold Plated Barista Product – COFFEE UTENSILS
$4.75 each


Demi Spoon Gold Plated Barista Product – COFFEE UTENSILS

Product Name: Demi Spoon Gold Plated

Description: Gold plated - An ideal spoon to accompany demitasse cups.

Brand: Buffalo Buck's Coffee House- micro coffee roasters


At Buffalo Buck's coffee we use only #1 grade picked Arabica coffee beans and roast your order fresh everyday from 30 countries around the world! We expertly roast our beans to order to protect the flavor and your coffee is packed in a 1 way degassing valve bag witha zip lock seal. Bags over 1 pound are packed in a clear bulk bag. Both bags seal in that fresh roasted flavor!

Your coffee is micro roasted in the morning to order and shipped in the afternoon right to your home! You will love the difference!

Our beans are generally roasted American roast unless indicated on the listing. We also roast your beansViennaroast, full city roast, French roast and expresso by request.

100% Money Back guarantee- Purchase with confidence! Thank you for visiting Buffalo Buck's Coffee House


-Secrets to the Perfect Cup-


Start with fresh roasted coffee. We roast and ship your coffee the day you order so you receive the freshest possible coffee. Only order the amount of coffee that you’ll turn over in a week. Once coffee is roasted and exposed to oxygen, it speeds up the molecular activity that ages coffee. Whole beans keep better then ground coffee, so for the best flavor, we recommend you grind beans right before you brew your coffee. Whole bean should be used within 6 weeks (maximum) and ground within 1 week. We offer low minimum free shipping on coffee so that you too can offer your customers the freshest possible coffee. Always remember to rotate coffee. Freshness counts...taste the difference!


Water is an important ingredient in coffee because it makes up about 98% of the cup. The taste of water will affect the taste of your coffee. After evaluating the quality of your water you may want to consider a water filter. Please follow all steps in maintaining your brewer. Make sure your brewer is heated properly, usually around 200 F, before brewing coffee.


Business Policies:

Shipping: We roast your coffee and ship the same day if not the following morning directly to your door! All coffee is shipped thru the USPS with tracking and delivery confirmation so you know where it is!

International Shipping-We do ship International. Shipping cost is calculated by destination and weight

100% Guarantee: We want you happy with your Buffalo Bucks coffee, tea or accessories! We offer a 14 day return policy! Simply return your item. Buyer pays for return shipping and item must be in original packaging. Package must be shipped with delivery confirmation so you can locate it at all times.

Thank you for visiting BuffaloBucks Coffee House!!

Looking forward to your next visit!!

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