American Roast

American RoastThe best raw coffee can be completely ruined by improper roasting. Correct roasting is a delicate balance of time and temperature. As coffee roasts, it changes from green to shades of golden-yellow to its familiar brown. The color of coffee is produced through caramelization occurring within the bean as it is exposed to the heat of the roaster.

American Roast is the point where coffee beans have achieved their rich, medium brown color without an of coffee's natural oils appearing on the surface. American Roast is the traditional roasting style of American coffee.It produces a flavorful, complex cup of coffee. At the American Roast level, each individual origin coffee will be at its most distinct flavor. Kenyan will have a bold, snappy flavor to it, Sumatran will be deep and earthy with a little nutty note, Guatemalan will have a bright crispness with a full aroma. American Roast is coffee in its clearest state, without any heavy, smoky flavors dark roasts bring out.

While certain coffee is most desirable in a little darker roast, we have a few recommended origins at the American Roast level:

Hawaiian Kona Fancy
Jamaican Blue Mountain
Kenya AA
Mexican Altura
and flavored coffee.

Roasting time for American roast: 9 to 10 minutes

The next roast level is Vienna Roast.

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