About Our Coffee

To begin, we purchase only the highest grade Arabica coffee available. Prior to purchasing, we sample or "cup" the coffees to be sure  they contain no defects, odd tastes or aromas, and to be sure they are the fine quality our customers are looking for.

Creating great coffee takes just a few simple steps. Steps that we follow fanatically.

At any one time, we have 20 to 30 different varieties of coffee in stock. Each imported from a different country or "origin" where they are grown. Every day of the week, Monday through Friday, our Roastmaster begins at 7 a.m. roasting the coffees we need for each order shipping out to our customers that day. All of our coffees are roasted, packaged, and shipped to our customers within the same 24-hour period. We keep no roasted coffee on hand in our warehouse. Small batch roasting is our specialty. We roast small quantities of coffee daily to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible.

Each of the coffees we offer have flavors and nuances unique to the country or region where there are grown, exactly the same as different wines from different countries, or wines made from different varieties of grapes will have varying tastes. To bring these flavors out, each coffee is roasted differently. There are many variables which effect how coffee is roasted, density of the coffee beans, water content within the coffee, current air temperature and humidity all have a bearing on the final roasted coffee. See Our Method of Roasting for more detailed information on our roasting process.

Small batch roasting is our specialty. We roast small quantities of coffee daily to provide our customers with the  freshest coffee possible. 

Since we do roast in small quantities, we can offer to all of our customers the option of custom roasting and blending to create blends and tastes exclusive to their desire. There is no extra charge for this, and the only minimum is our standard five pound quantity.

All of the flavorings we use on our gourmet flavored coffees, are selected from dozens of different flavoring manufacturers. We sample many different flavors to be sure that the ones we offer are the truest most flavorful possible. We continually review and fine tune our flavors to give them the most accurate flavor profile, as close to Mother Nature as we can get. Best of all, our flavorings are oil based flavoring extracts so they contain no sweeteners, sugars or calories and are gluten free.

Almost all of our coffees are available in Decaffeinated as well as Swiss Water Decaffeinated. Our decaffeinated coffee, a.k.a. European Decaffeinated, is processed with Methylene Chloride. This chemical is used to remove the caffeine from the coffee. However, not to worry, there is no trace of the chemical left in the coffee after decaffeination. Swiss Water Decaffeinated is a patented process done in Canada.  Originally done in Switzerland, hence the name, Swiss Water Process is done with nothing more than water and activated carbon filters. Soaking the coffee causes the caffeine to be drawn out of the beans. This water is then filtered to remove the caffeine from it.  All decaffeination, which ever method, is done when the coffee is still in its green or unroasted state. We do not decaffeinate any coffee ourselves, nor is coffee grown caffeine-free, yet.

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